A Bad Question: an Exhibition and Forum on Race + Feminism brings together members of the tART Collective and the Smoke School of Art for their first collaboration. The exhibition takes its title from the Mia McKenzie article “How Can White Women Include Women of Color in Feminism?” Is A Bad Question. Here’s Why. The article is one that the tART Collective read together in their current yearlong reading series on race + feminism.

This collaboration comes about from conversations between members of the two collectives on their overlapping interests, which include creating exhibition platforms for underrepresented women artists and artists of color. The artists in this exhibition may not necessarily categorize their work as “feminist artwork”. The goal is to provide support for women artists. This action of support is part of feminism. It is an action intended to allow women artists the freedom to make and exhibit the work they want to make and exhibit, not to conform to some kind of “theme” – a constriction too often placed upon artists who are women and/or members of other marginalized groups.

Artists: Carina Maye, Carla Aaron-Lopez, Suzanne Broughel, Anna Lise Jensen, Nikki Schiro, Rosemary Taylor, Petra Valentova, Ida Harris, Sue Jeong Ka, Uraline Septembre Hager, Andrea Chung, damali abrams, Caitlin Berrigan. Elisabeth Rosenthal, Elizabeth Sturges Llerena

Online Artists: Florine Demosthene, Simone Meltesen, Filomena Borecká, Kimberly Becoat, Juanita Lanzo, Margaret Rose Vendryes, Gretchen Adreon, Susan Natacha González, Rachel MacFarlane, Katherine Toukhy, Mary Valverde, Mary Jo Karimnia

Organizers: Suzanne Broughel and Christopher Hutchinson